MDEC’s Talk: MDH Initiative – Common Legal Mistakes by Startups

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August 1, 2018
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Common legal mistakes by startups

It is easy for startups to fall into the traps of not having a legal system in place because they may be unaware that is obligatory or because they’re not willing to spend the money that it takes.

Nevertheless, since there are a lot of regulations when it comes to business it is important to comply with them. Not complying can have a series of consequences such as fines and even jail time sometimes. Lawyers and venture capitalists involved with start-ups seen plenty of legal mistakes made by startups companies.

Fear not! Come and join this panel discussion and explore ways of solving your current legal mistakes and problems.

Panel Speakers:
Edwin – GLT Law (Specialize in Corporate, Commercial and Technology)

Prior to GLT Law, Edwin was a senior associate at Christopher & Lee Ong (an associate firm of Rajah Tann Singapore LLP) and an IP lawyer at SKRINE, both are amongst the largest law firms in Malaysia.

Edwin is a firm believer is coming up with practical, strategic and business-oriented solutions. while helping his clients see the big picture. rather than allowing small details get in the way of completing the deal.

Aloysius Lim – ShakeUp Online Sdn. Bhd. (Product Development & Solutioning Manager)

Aloysius is an experienced solutions specialist with 23 years of experience working in the IT and financial services industry. He has worked in various business and support functions with a local bank, as well as local and global IT vendors.

He started his career with EON Bank and assumed various functional roles from branch to head office operations. Prior to joining ShakeUp, Aloysius has been involved extensively in process management and managing operations solutions.

Izwan – Zurina Law (Specialize in Venture Capital, Private Equity and Specialist Funds)

Izwan has a particular focus on acting in investment and fundraising matters. Izwan works with a range of institutions, companies and individuals on a wide range of private equity and funds transactions such as fund formation and structuring investments.

In addition, Izwan also has deep knowledge of the regulatory compliance. He has worked with various clientele on regulatory matters namely robo advisers, credit rating agencies, startup accelerators, equity crowdfunding and P2P platforms, e-commerce including other fintech firms.

Izwan is active in the Malaysian startup ecosystem, where he regularly organise talks and workshops on compliance and fundraising issues. Recently, Izwan has cofounded STARTUPLAW, a legal tech to transform legal support for early-stage startups and SMEs by offering affordable DIY contents.

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