GLT Law Launches First Malaysian Law Firm Chatbot and Online Legal Health Check To Help Companies and Individuals Deal With Legal Issues

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Online legal health check and legal AI chatbot

Petaling Jaya, 22 October 2018: Malaysian law firm Gan, Lee & Tan (GLT Law) today announced the launch of two innovative technological products. The first one is “Rachel”, which is the first Malaysian law firm chatbot powered by artificial intelligence. The second one is an online legal health check assessment tool.

Created by CanChat, Rachel was built to assist companies and individuals with potential legal issues that they face on a day-to-day basis.

Rachel was built in-house by the firm using the IBM Watson framework following discussions with CanChat, the artificial intelligence arm of CanLaw Asia Sdn Bhd and technology partner of GLT Law.

Using natural language processing, Rachel allows users to find quick and informative answers to legal questions, including:

You can chat with Rachel on GLT Law’s website here.

Edwin Lee, the Technology Partner at GLT Law commented that:

“Rachel shows how far artificial intelligence has come in a short period. Chatbots are an early use-case for AI and we wanted to see how we can leverage on AI capabilities to provide a smart and intuitive way to provide information to our users with great convenience and speed. Technology brings about higher efficiency and we are committed to using cutting-edge technology to enhance the services we provide to our clients.

“Our early conversations with clients have shown a strong interest in this offering, which is unsurprising given how technology has taken over all aspects of our lives. Chatbots can be used by law firms to answer a lot of the standard questions that come from the business, freeing up the lawyers for more productive work.”

We set our direction to be an innovative and forward-thinking law firm by leveraging and incorporating technology into legal practice, so that we can bring innovative solutions and provide better customer experience to our clients”, said Gan Ming Chiek, the Corporate Partner at GLT Law. He further added that technological innovation does not mean disruption, and lawyers should embrace technology to discover how technology can help enhance their work productivity.

The 2nd innovative product, an online legal health check, is also a brainchild of the corporate and litigation lawyers at GLT Law. As lawyers, they often find companies struggling to carry out legal due diligence exercise. A lot of startups and SMEs either do not have proper legal documentation in place, or only think about full legal compliance when they are hit by a legal problem or when they need to carry out legal due diligence. Many companies only deal with legal issues on a piecemeal basis without taking the broad picture into consideration, which leaves them exposed to legal risks.

The partners decided to develop this simple but comprehensive assessment tool to enable users to start thinking about the various legal issues that they may face in running their business in Malaysia and hope that through this process, they will start identifying their legal gaps and taking active steps to prevent, mitigate or resolve the legal problems. The assessment comes with 60 questions and cover more than 9 topics ranging from employment, business management, funding, litigation, licences, statutory contribution, intellectual property, personal matters to regulatory compliance. The report will be generated and sent to the users within 1 working day, and it is completely free of charge, as part of GLT Law’s community service programme to enable access to legal services.

Tan Eng Keat, GLT Law’s litigation partner commented that, “the future of many industries, including legal services, will be largely driven by technology, and automation will continue developing. As such, we have many plans and ideas to integrate more technologies into our Firm, and we believe that with technology adoption, Malaysian law firms can become more competitive and more productive in this ever-challenging business environment.”


About GLT Law:

GLT Law is a law firm in Malaysia, focusing its practices in areas such as corporate and commercial, litigation, privacy and Internet, blockchain technology as well as real estate and property. It sets its direction to be an innovative and forward-thinking law firm by leveraging and incorporating cutting-edge technology into legal practice, in order to bring innovative solutions and provide better customer experience to its clients. More details at 

About CanChat:

CanChat builds chatbots for businesses and organisations to help create an interactive persona and undertake a whole host of tasks for brands and causes. From conceptual design, to analysis & consulting to full development & hosting. CanChat offers tailor-made solutions for all requirements. More details at


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