Just because your office has an open-door policy doesn't always mean that employees feel safe speaking to you.

Let them speak & report to us anonymously. Provide them the privacy and protection that translates to measurable confidence.

Just because your office has an open-door policy doesn't always mean that employees feel safe speaking to you.

Let them speak & report to us anonymously.
Provide them the privacy and protection that translates to measurable confidence.

It was estimated by Harvard Law School* that two-thirds of companies in the  U.S. affected by fraudulent activities, losing an estimated 1.2% of revenue. 

From fraud to harassment and beyond, your employees are afraid to speak up to you in fear of their occupational safety. Maybe your clerk witnessed the accounts department getting generous on the sheets, or your employee wishes to privately report a harassment, we can sort it all out.

Studies have been conducted, proving that witnesses to an internal fraud or wrongdoing prefer to remain anonymous when reporting. We provide that. By allowing them to call or report to a third party like us, you allow your officers to have the confidence of anonymity to report happenings which may otherwise be hidden under the files forever.

* Harvard Law School, Elements of an Effective Whistleblower Hotline

We support all types & sizes of businesses and we respond to various operational issues such as:



Regardless of the size or nature of your business, it is at risk of internal and operational issues that can impact your work environment. With our hotline whistleblowing and value added services, you stay in control of what is exactly behind the scenes.
Criminal Misconduct
  1. Bribery
  2. Embezzlement
  3. Fraud
  4. Forgery
  5. Insider trading
  6. Sabotage
  7. Theft
  8. Vandalism
  1. Age discrimination
  2. Ethnic discrimination
  3. Gender discrimination
Ethics and Compliance
  1. Compliance and regulation violations
  2. Code of conduct violations
  3. Ethics issues
Financial Issues
  1. Accounting controls
  2. Accounting errors
  3. Audit issues
  4. Billing errors or violations
  5. Risk detection
General Misconduct
  1. Abuse of authority
  2. Acceptable use violations
  3. Conflict of interest
  4. Drug and alcohol abuse
  5. Falsifying documents
  6. Insubordination
  7. Misconduct
  8. Misuse of company property
Harassment and Hostility
  1. Aggressive behavior
  2. Customer mistreatment
  3. Harassment
  4. Hostile work environment
  5. Mistreatment
  6. Retaliation
  7. Sexual harassment
  8. Threats
  9. Violence
Human Resources Issues
  1. Employee communications
  2. Overtime violations
  3. Wrongful termination
Partner Relations
  1. Shareholder concerns
  2. Vendor concerns
Privacy and Security
  1. PDPA violations
  2. Identity theft
  3. Information security
  4. Privacy issues
  5. Security issues
  1. Environmental hazards
  2. Global crisis notification
  3. OSHA violations
  4. Unsafe working conditions


Fully Featured.

We bring you a full suite from start to end, so you and your team wont miss out on anything. Implementing new procedures may be difficult, but we've got you covered. Pick a few or take it all, it's your call.

Our comprehensive hotline program includes all of the following at no additional cost:

Just give me a reason!

You know what it is; a line for your employees to reach out if they have something sensitive to say. Now you’re asking the important questions – Why? How does it affect my business? How can it help? Does it work? 

In case you’ve yet to understand why you need a hotline for your organization, here’s a couple of crucial reasons: 



Outsource Your Voice
If you maintain an in-house reporting hotline, or maybe even your HR department, your employees may never feel truly anonymous. People talk. The walls have ears. We know. Unless you lock down your whistleblower reporting officer in a separate building, you hotline will never be truly confidential. It just makes sense to simply use a professional third party because we listen and report, zero gossip.



Reduced Incidents, Increased Performance 
Educating employees about the hotline and encouraging its use in your organization will discourage unwanted behaviors among employees. In addition, without the fear of retaliation, employees are more likely to report wrongdoing sooner. This can limit the company’s liability for issues like harassment and discrimination claims, which can also help to improve your companies reputation as employees are less likely to resort to bad mouthing on social media. 



Improve Your Employee Retention & Satisfaction 
If your employees feel like they have no where to turn to better their work environment, the chances of them leaving increases drastically. Therefore, if your business has a quick employee turn around that means you have to spend extra time teaching new people how to do the job, which creates more work on your part, and a bigger headache. Utilizing an employee hotline service = happy employees, which creates a productive work environment, and a productive work environment helps create more business. 



When your employees call our anonymous hotline service, they don’t have to worry about providing any distinguishable information that might give them away, if they don’t want to. Our operators can simply take down who was involved, where and when the incident happened, if anything was done about it and any other information they are willing to provide. When your employees know that they won’t face any repercussions for calling the hotline they can feel comfortable with their decision and it will hopefully encourage others to reach out as well. 


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