Gladly Leveraging Technology

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Blockchain Technology and Big Data Analytics are starting to disrupt the business landscape. The digital domain moves fast, with new developments often leaving regulations playing catch up.

We have experts in the realm of digital and media law, the Internet and technology as well as experts in dealing with privacy and cyber security in this age of social media and the digital economy. Our lawyers have extensive experience in helping clients to guard against possible regulatory penalties and reputation risk as well as to meet the new legal challenges posed by new technologies.

Our key areas of practice include:

  • Technology ownership, assignment, transfer and technical assistance
  • IT contracts (tech development, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, software license, software distribution, service level, IT service)
  • Intellectual property advisory and protection
  • Multimedia, Internet and Telecommunications advisory
  • Data protection/privacy policy
  • PDPA compliance, audit and training
  • Cross-border data transfer and privacy issues
  • Licensing requirements under the Communications and Multimedia Act
  • Electronic, digital and smart contracts
  • Encryption issues
  • E-commerce, online marketing and consumer protection
  • Anti-competition issues
  • Electronic money and Internet banking
  • Cyber and IT security
  • Digital content, new and converging media
  • Entertainment, media and gaming