Edmund Yong



Crypto, Fintech & Blockchain


Edmund Yong joins the Crypto, Fintech & Blockchain practice of GLT Law as its resident consultant.


He has been appointed by MDEC to its Talent Expert Network (formerly known as Digital Expert Panel) to develop the country’s blockchain industry; and is engaged by SIDC, the training arm of the Securities Commission of Malaysia, as a course instructor for digital assets. He was invited by the University Malaya’s Law Faculty to review and participate in two seminal works, namely the _Malaysia Blockchain Regulatory Report 2018_ and the _Global Blockchain Sukuk Report 2021_.


Ed is also the managing partner of Celebrus Advisory, a boutique firm specializing in the regtech services of crypto instruments and blockchain applications, which has been cited as one of the _Top 10 Best Blockchain Consultancy or Service Company in Asia Pacific for 2019_. Prior to this, he has held several senior management roles for multinationals, including as the Asia Pacific Director for a big data and blockchain-powered company on the Fortune Global 500, and Senior Vice President of unsecured lending and card payments for a sovereign fund-owned bank.

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