GLT Law The Digital Law Firm
GLT Law The Digital Law Firm

“Building a law firm of the future where innovation and creativity form part of our DNA”



Progress comes from innovation, creativity and the desire to think out of the box


Understand deeply what our clients want, then deliver more than what they expect


Maintain the highest quality of our legal services, serve clients with integrity and efficiency


Care for our people, act in the best interest of our clients


Fail fast, learn even faster to deliver better results


Invest in digital technology to reduce cost and enhance service levels

Embarking on a digital innovation journey:

According to legal futurist Professor Richard Susskind, the legal profession is about to change fundamentally. In his book, “Tomorrow’s Lawyers: An Introduction to Your Future”, he writes that “unless they adapt, many traditional legal businesses will fail. On the other hand, a whole set of fresh opportunities will present themselves to entrepreneurial and creative young lawyers.”

Professor Richard Susskind is one of the most forward-thinking authors and leaders in the legal technology space. For more than two decades, he has accurately predicted the most important technology shifts to watch and has provided keen insight into their impact on the legal industry.

Change is coming and digital disruption is inevitable. Digital technology and innovation will affect and change the way business is being conducted in the legal industry. In the era of big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence, we believe that in order to stay relevant, we need to transform and adapt to new changes, as we prepare ourselves to move into Industry 4.0 era.

GLT Law has been at the forefront of digital innovation in the legal industry with digitalisation forming a core part of our strategy. We set our direction to be an innovative and forward-thinking law firm by leveraging and incorporating technology into legal practice, so that we can bring innovative solutions and provide better experience to our clients.

We strongly believe that digitalisation is key to delivering better legal services and enhancing clients’ experience. Digitalisation is not just about deploying tools. It is about building a strategic framework and processes on developing new business models, generating new business revenue and producing high value products and services through the use of data and technology.

We are harnessing technology to optimise efficiency, improve processes, develop new business models, generate new revenue streams and increase market reach.

At GLT Law, we relentlessly push the limits and actively deploy new legal tech and tools to enhance and improve the delivery of our legal services. We provide free tools and resources to our users and clients. We do so in our community effort to promote better awareness of the law.

Tomorrow’s legal industry will be radically different from yesterday’s and today’s. Like all changes, one has start somewhere. So we are taking a small step here to start the transformation process, from encouraging our people to think creatively, to rolling out tools that help our clients and users to solve their legal problems.

Some of our initiatives include:

We are the 1st and the only Malaysian law firm that developed our own AI chatbot using the IBM Watson Assistant technology (the same technology that powered ROSS Intelligence, the world’s 1st AI lawyer). Using natural language processing and machine learning techniques, our AI Chatbot allows users to find common answers to certain legal questions covering 6 areas of practice, from starting a business, investment to employment and law suits. The AI Chatbot is our 1st step in integrating technology into our legal practice.

The Online Legal Health Check Assessment Tool is built around an interactive set of questionnaires on our site that specifically targets common areas of business gaps that usually fall short of legal compliance. Users will just need to answer some simple questions for 5-10 minutes and our lawyers will assess the answers and generate a free legal health check report within 1 working day. We hope that through this process, users will start identifying their legal gaps and taking active steps to prevent, mitigate or resolve the legal problems.

GLT Law was commended by the Financial Times for its work on the two innovative legal tech products: AI Chatbot and Online Legal Health Check Assessment Tool.

We are currently developing a series of e-guides for our users. These e-guides will contain useful legal information and guidance notes that guide our users through the ins-and-outs of basic legal issues. Whether you are preparing for your next big thing, or scaling your already established business, these are sure to be handy. Available for download very soon!

While search engines such as Google are powerful in terms of searching for information online, we often hear our clients complaining that there is no single place where they can find all the essential links that they need to know about doing business in Malaysia. We painstakingly combed through the Internet to pull out all the relevant links, from dealing with government agencies, looking for funding to setting up your co-working office. Now, getting things done is a lot easier with the right tools and resources at your disposal.

Over the year, we upgraded and improved our website to be more user and mobile friendly in terms of speed and layout. Our website is secured with HTTPS which means the Internet communication between our users and us is secure and private. We continue to ensure that our website remains up to date with the latest legal related information and useful legal tips and guides. We added a drop-down feature that lists out 14 selections to help our users to find the right lawyer in the right practice area. Each practice area comes with a list of frequently asked questions.

We have also built in a Google translator that enables anyone who wants to view our website in other languages with just a simple click of a button. We are committed to making our website accessible to all users and this includes users with disabilities. Our website is designed to comply with the guidelines issued by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to remove barriers to accessibility.

Our efforts in building a beautiful and user-friendly website has earned us a nomination for one of the best website designs award in Malaysia.

Social media has taken over the world. More than 75% of Malaysians are active social media users. We are one of the most active law firms on the social media in Malaysia. We have our online presence on all major social media platforms and constantly update our followers on legal news and information.

We live in a mobile generation era where high speed broadband and Internet accessibility dominate our private and working lives. We have more than 143% of mobile users penetration in Malaysia with 79% of them are active Internet users. According to Tammy Erickson of Harvard Business Review, “with more than five billion mobile users worldwide and a massive global network, small mobile devices with significant computing power have become a routine part of day-to-day life for people of all ages”. Our website is optimised for mobile view and we are always ON on all major instant messaging apps. This provides an alternative avenue for users who want to chat with us through instant messaging apps than through the traditional ways of phone, email and physical meeting.

We regularly give talks on the latest and relevant legal topics, as well as provide free preliminary legal advice from time to time to the community.

We have published over 80 articles to date, with more to come in the near future, all for free, forever. We strive to produce quality content, demystifying some of the latest legal conundrums faced by Malaysians.

We aim to keep people abreast of the latest news, announcements, and legal standpoints of any current issues. We do so via NewsBytes – our latest initiative in bringing forth the latest content via social media. The optimized media are designed to be read, understood and shared quickly and easily.

More to come!

We are currently building a few more tools and will roll them out in the next few months. Stay tuned!